Gary Stroutsos and Gary Rollins - In Stone Circles

The first album by the duo of Gary Stroutsos, flute, and Gary Rollins, guitars and vocals, in their fantastic re-creation of the music of Ian Anderson. By special arrangement CCR-ISC-1


In Stone Circles-The Music Of Ian Anderson And Other Joys Gary Stroutsos and Gary Rollins
By Martin Webb
Printed in New Day Magazine - May 2014

EMI 'world music' recording artist Gary Stroutsos plays a dazzling array of mainly wooden flutes, with a particular interest in the music of the North American Indians. He is also a huge Jethro Tull fan. With guitarist Gary Rollins, he has recorded a collection of Ian Anderson 'acoustic' songs, interspersed with his own compositions plus a piece by The Chieftans' Matt Molloy. The result is a collection of pleasant, folky sounds with pretty flute and keyboard embellishments over Andersonesque acoustic guitar. *Stroutsos' voice is not that far removed from Ian's, although lacking the warmth and expression of the pre-1985 Anderson. The arrangements stay fairly true to the original Tull tracks - no radical calypso, reggae, or heavy metal reworkings - although Stroutsos' stated aim is to extend the range and scope of the music with flute solos not heard on the original recordings. Thus 'Slipstream' is stretched to three and a half minutes and the 'Thick As A Brick' excerpt in particular receives an interesting makeover. His own pieces vary from new-age Celtic-tinged soundscapes to folky not-quite-jigs, and complement the Tull stuff nicely. All in all, much more than just a tribute album. MW

*NOTE: The vocalist on In Stone Circles is Gary Rollins, who also wrote most of the arrangements. - fct

Review written by Jonathan Yurkanis on - Summer 2014

"In Stone Circles" is one of those rare albums anymore where, if you liked your first listen, repeated listenings are only going to make you like it more, like it better. Thumbnail review: it's mostly (but not entirely) a single-malt-scotch smooth tribute to British Isles small village pub folk music, with the deepest nod of appreciation to the music of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson. Eminently sippable to these ears is the singing of Gary Rollins on the Tull/Ian Anderson tracks. Not all 'vocalists' can sing; not all singers can portray the imagery of simple folk music. Rollins is a singer whose warm tone carries the lyrics of this homage endeavor with both great care and understated elegance, and without aping Anderson's own singing style or mannerisms to do so. Fine work done by Rollins on guitars and mandolin, as well ... Jonathan Yurkanis

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