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Our promo poster from mid-1972. From left: Dave, Jerry, Fred

Jerry Hegarty and the Country Uncles 1972
Six Big Wheels
Release Me
I'm Walkin'

In 1971 I graduated early from high school and went on the road with this band after we made a single with one of Jerry's songs and a classic. We were headquartered in Minnesota for most of a year and ranged around a four-or-five state area. I returned to Seattle in late 1972 to go to college at Olympic. Jerry Hegarty - bass, vocals; Dave Swanlund - guitar, background vocals; Fred Taylor - drums, background vocals. "Six Big Wheels" and "Release Me" were recorded at a studio in Poulsbo WA in late 1971. "I'm Walkin'" and its flip side, an original by Jerry called "Learning What It Is To Be Alone", were recorded in a studio in Minneapolis July 1972.

Fred in the studio at The Drummer's Collective in New York Summer 2005.

Fred's APP Recordings from the Drummer's Collective 2005
Cissy Strut
Forest Flower
Humpty Dumpty

In 2004 I auditioned for and was accepted to The Drummer's Collective in New York City, where I went for two special programs. The first had a focus on Afro-Cuban rhythms; the second focused on fusion styles. Part of each course involved preparing a tune each week to be recorded in the school's studio; hence these tracks. Robert Quaranta - keyboards; Mark Karwan - bass. Recorded Summer 2005

Janice Lakers in 1982

Janice Lakers 1979
Night and Day
He Loves You

In the late 70s I began a very productive period working with some very popular musicians in clubs in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle. I was recommended for the gig with this very fine singer, who went off to Europe in the early 1980s and is still living and singing over there. She did a fantastic vocal track on the song 'Rio Skyline' by the guitarist Brian Chambers on my first album, 'Court of Circe'. Janice Lakers - vocals; Dick Cady - piano; Mike Edwards - woodwinds; Larry Turner - bass; Fred Taylor - drums. Recorded by John Nelson at Crow Recording in Wallingford 1979.

Fred performing at Seattle Freeway Park in 1977

Tickled Pink 1975
Squib Cakes
Billy Preston Medley

Right after I got out of college in the spring of 1973, I found a great band with whom I spent several years traveling across the U.S. This was a great funk/jazz/lounge band called Tickled Pink. Its leader, Clarence 'Pinky' Pinckney, was a great vocalist, trumpeter, saxophonist, and drummer. We worked with a Hammond organ, guitar and drums. In the winter of 1974-75, Pinky's agent found us a sweet sit-down gig at the grand opening of a new Colorado ski resort - Keystone. The lineup was Pinky, myself, Merlin Bell on Hammond and Terry I-can't-remember-his-last-name on guitar. We had a wonderful 6-month gig at this beautiful place, which sits right at the top of the Colorado Rockies in Summit County. One night we were entertaining the multinational, beautiful crowd and someone had a tape recorder going. Note the 'arrangement' of Squib Cakes (Tower of Power) with the mystery 7/8 bar... Pinky is still holding forth in Oswego, New York and gigging up there.

The Cozzetti-Gemmill Band performing at Everett Community College in 1978

Cozzetti-Gemmill Band - Concerto for Padre 1982
Contemplating Raindrops
Colony Four

The Cozzetti-Gemmill Band was a very interesting fusion group in which I played for about seven years. Co-leaders Bob Cozzetti, a trumpet player and pianist, and Tim Gemmill, a saxophonist and keyboardist, performed all-original material with electric bass and drums. We recorded their first album in 1981, which was released at the same time as my first album, Court of Circe. Concerto for Padre featured, in addition to Bob and Tim, myself and Steve Bartlett on electric bass.
Songs and recordings (c) 2014 COZGEM LLC
COZGEM's Music on the Web site

Cassette box insert for the 'Robert X and the Rays' demo 1991

Robert X and the Rays Demo - 1991
I Want You To Know
That Linda Johnson Look
By Myself

Robert X. Wolf is a drummer, singer, and keyboardist. In 1991 I was recommended for this demo, which included my old friends Keith Baggerly, Joe Roderick, Gary Rollins, and Mikel Rolins. Keith, Gary, and Joe and I had worked together a lot in a great little band led by Joe. All the songs were originals by Robert and Joe. The band performed for a short time around the Seattle area.
Songs (c) 1991 Robert X. Wolf and Joe Roderick

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